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Established in 2007, ZOTAC Cup has written a new chapter for players looking for a community to compete across the globe. Our humble beginning started with a game of Warcraft 3, and we never looked back from there. Throughout the years, we have hosted cups that included the much revered Starcraft 2, FIFA, TrackMania, Quake Live, and other popular titles, attracting many professional and casual gamers alike.

We are proud to have received recognition from the gaming community for our efforts, one of them being nominated the "best community effort of the year" by, and our success in Europe led us to connect with North American gamers in 2011 via StarCraft 2.

A community platform for Blizzard games since 2007, we were an official Blizzard qualifier for the Hearthstone World Championship in 2014. ZOTAC Cup has also been a qualifying partner for major LAN events such as DreamHack. Hosting over 1,200 cups and 36 finals across 8 years, our lineup of games is ever evolving to provide more competition. With over 15,000 active players, ZOTAC Cup continuously strives to connect gamers all around the world.

ZOTAC Cup History

WarCraft III2007 - 2014
Quake Live2009 - 2012
FIFA2010 - 2014
StarCraft II EU2010 - 2014
StarCraft II NA2011 - 2014
StarCraft II Finals2011 - 2014
TrackMania 22012 - 2012
ShootMania2013 - 2013